Roberto: All right, let’s get started. I organized this faculty and staff meeting to talk about ideas to improve school security.

Ginny: But we already have controlled access to school buildings, and all of the staff and faculty wear ID badges.

Roberto: Those measures help to keep people out of our school who don’t belong here. But in light of what’s happened at other schools, we need to do more to keep students safe.

Ginny: You mean in the event of bomb threats and mass shootings?

Roberto: Those are some of the threats we have to prepare for.

Ginny: I don’t know how we can prepare for those things.

Roberto: Well, we might consider security cameras and armed guards to patrol the school.

Ginny: Really?

Roberto: Really. We need to develop evacuation plans or procedures for lockdown in the event of an imminent threat.

Ginny: This is scary stuff.

Roberto: We live in scary times.

Ginny: It’s starting to feel like we work in a prison, not a school!