与恐龙同行(Walking with Dinosaurs) 第26期

他不会听我的 他不会听任何人的 He won't listen to me. He won't listen to anybody.

裘妮波 你要相信我 我们需要离开这个冰面 Juniper, you have to believe me, we need to get off this ice!

但斯考勒才是兽群首领 我们要跟着他 这是法则 But Scowler's the herd leader. We have to follow him, it's the rule.

哦不 Oh, no!

我命令你们 加快脚步 I told you guys to pick up the pace!

快点 撤退 Come on! No retreating!

当斯考勒跌跌撞撞向前... While Scowler blundered forward...

...派奇知道 他必须带领兽群脱离冰面 ...Patchi knew he had to move the herd off the ice.

所有人都回到岸上 Everybody, back to shore!

大家 快调头 Turn back, everyone.

大伙 这里不安全 我们需要调头 You guys, it's not safe! We need to turn back!

加油 小家伙 我来帮你 就是这样 Come on, little guy, I got you. That's it.

我们走吧 大家跟我来 Let's go! Everybody follow me!

所有人都离开冰面 Everyone off the ice!

大家 快上岸 On to shore, everybody!

往上推 Just push in!

派奇 现在怎么办 我们人太多了 Patchi! What now?! There's too many of us!

好吧 想想吧 Okay. Think! Um...

推倒树 绿叶蔬菜宴就在顶端 Knock down the tree and feast on the leafy greens up top.

就是这样 跟我来 That's it! Follow me!

往这里 This way!

继续前进 Keep moving!

推倒这些树 踏出一条路 Push down the trees! Make a path!

沿路推倒树 Take that, random tree!

干得好 派奇 Good job, Patchi!

他正带走我的兽群 Hey! He's taking my herd!

真他妈冷 Oh, so cold!

派奇敏捷的思维 拯救了整个兽群于危难之中... Patchi's quick thinking had saved the herd from a frigid fate...

...但不是每个人都感激他的英雄壮举 ...but not everyone was grateful for his heroics.

说憷 Come on!

你以为你是谁 Hey, who do you think you are, huh?!

伙计 斯考勒看起来很生气 对吧 Boy, looks like Scowler's pretty mad, huh?

我们最好继续前进 We better just keep moving.

派奇 Hey, Patchi!

看着我 你不能带走我的兽群 Look at me! You can't just take my herd!

这不是解决问题的方法 That's not the way things are done!

有规矩的 你懂的 快回来 There's rules, you know! Come here!

我没有要带走他们 你懂吗 斯考勒 I didn't take them, all right, Scowler?

我只是让他们免于落冰 I had to get them off the ice.

欢迎你加入我们的行列 You're welcome to join us!

不用担心 派奇... Oh, don't worry, Patchi...

...我会追你到天涯海角 ...I will find you wherever you go!

到时有你好看的 And then we'll see what's up!

斯考勒 随便你怎么说 Whatever you say, Scowler.

夕阳西下 树影渐长 The shadows grew long as the sun kissed the Western horizon...