英语读物:Facebook 大整容

Facebook is getting a makeover Facebook users is about to get a makeover.




"How many of you have a Facebook account? "

Facebook, it seems like almost everyone is on it and its users are about to get a 1 .

"Uh, they had a little link 2 the page, say, hey, check out the new homepage, so I looked at it . It’s a little bit better designed just in terms of usability. "

The centerpiece of Facebook is the News Feed which tells you about your friends’ activities, their photos and videos. And right now it updates about every ten to fifteen minutes. The new Facebook homepage will have a different layout and update in real time, meaning you’ll get even more information on your friends even faster.

"I applaud Facebook for trying to make everything up to the minute, everything in this world 3 ‘we want it now up to the minute’ format . So I think Facebook is really just going along with what its users want."

The change comes at the time when another social network known as Twitter is quickly becoming competition to Facebook .Twitter offers an update of what you’re doing and thinking in real time but in a more bare-bones(1) design.

"I'm realizing that Twitter actually has a lot practical uses both 4 following news and following issues that you care about in real time."

No matter which side is preferred, the appetite for sharing information is on the rise. More than one third of adults have at least one profile on a social networking website.

"No, we’re in it, we’re in it for the long run. This is not gonna change .These technologies are gonna continue to develop and they’re gonna continue to be used by, 5 ."

Facebook has made changes before, everything from privacy policies to the page itself. But despite criticism, it keeps getting more popular, and for some users, maybe too popular.

"So many people, so many of my friends’ parents are on Facebook. I even know teachers that are on Facebook, you know people that I work with are on Facebook; like it seems like a core idea at first and now it's like creepy(2) almost for people that are on it ."

"What actually bothers me is the amount of messages I get per day. I don't need to be invited to your Zombie Club or your Pirate Bashing Game."

Facebook and its 175 million members can expect to see changes on Wednesday.

Lila Ibraahim,the Associated Press.


1. makeover
2. at the top of
3. seems to be
4. in terms of
5. especially younger generations