少儿英语:俯瞰多伦多(On top of Toronto)

少儿英语:俯瞰多伦多(On top of Toronto)

          一起呵英语推荐:Have you been to Shanghai? Did you climb the TV tower? The tower is the highest
in Asia. 但是,和加拿大的国家电视塔(CN Tower)比起来,东方明珠电视塔就矮点了。 The CN Tower is in Toronto. Let's view the city from the tower.

Most buildings in Toronto are not very high. But the CN tower stands out among the buildings. It is 553 metres high, the world’s highest tower. Are you afraid of heights?

我们的第一站是在高空346米的地方。It is almost 113 stories above the ground. There you can stand on a glass floor. Are you worried that it may break? There's no need to, because the glass is very strong. 人们做过试验,14头大河马 站在上边都没事呢!

Now, let's go up to a restaurant. The restaurant is located at 351 metres high. It turns around slowly. So you don't need to move, and you can see the whole city. 不过你一定要有耐心,旋转餐厅两个钟头才能转一圈。

吃饱喝足,是不是还想继续攀登啊?If so, you can go to the Sky Pod at 447 metres high. Sky Pod是这里最高的观景台了,再往上就上天啦。

If you look down from the CN tower, you will see a grand stadium, the Skydome. The Skydome has a special roof. The roof can open and close. So don't worry about the rain while watching a match here. 你知道吗?咱们中国人把这个体育场叫巨蛋体育场。为什么呢?仔细看看:当屋顶合起来的时候往下看,它像不像个大鸡蛋啊?

Does this building look a little bit special? It looks like a very big shoe box, doesn't it? 哈哈,这个鞋盒子样的建筑就是大名鼎鼎的“贝塔鞋博物馆”。What shoes do people wear around the world? What shoes did people wear 4,500 years ago? 贝塔鞋博物馆收集了来自世界各地的一万多种鞋子。就连太空人在太空里穿的鞋子都有呢!你还可以戴上耳机听听100年前女孩们穿高跟鞋走路的声音。

There is a wonder of nature near Toronto. You must go to see it, the Niagara Falls. Niagara Falls 就是世界上最大的瀑布尼亚加拉瀑布。其实,尼亚加拉瀑布是由两条瀑布组成的。One is in the USA. It is called American Falls. The other is called Canadian Horseshoe Falls. Horseshoe 不是“马蹄铁”的意思吗?它为什么叫这个名字呢?原来,这条瀑布弯弯的,看上去就像一块马蹄铁。

The Horseshoe Falls drops from 52 metres high. It is 675 metres long. 这相当于六个足球场那么长啊!这么大的瀑布,你最好在不同的角度去观赏它。You can see the falls from above or from below. You can also take a boat ride to the bottom of the falls. The sound of the water falling is so loud there. You cannot hear yourself talk! Isn't it exciting?