Report Summary
The report sums up the development of the global and Chinese shoes markets in 2004. Through accurate data and full elaboration, it describes the structure of China’s shoes market and features of the demand-supply relationship from various angles. Meanwhile, it examines competition between enterprises in different market segments, presenting assessment of leading enterprises’ competitiveness.

The report especially points out the following: In 2004, the global shoes market underwent profound changes: The rise of Asia coincided with the transformation of traditional raw materials exporting countries to shoe-making countries. China’s shoes market continues to expand quickly. China ranks first in the world by the output of shoes, but it focuses on low and mid-range products. Regional distribution is uneven in China’s shoes market, and it is experiencing new adjustments. Product competition, price competition and channel competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Shoe enterprises are shifting from price competition to quality competition and brand competition. In the next few years, there will be substantial growth in China’s middle-age and old people market, and shoes exports will increase sharply. To prevail in future competition, shoe-making enterprises need to improve their capability in all aspects.

After analyzing major factors affecting the development of China’s shoes market from 2008-2009, the report presents qualitative and quantitative forecast of the development trend of the market. Finally, it provides development strategy and recommendations for leading enterprises and growing enterprises respectively.

Report Outline
I. Overview of the Global Shoes Market in 2004

(I) Development Status
(II) Basic Characteristics
(III) Overview of Development in Major Countries and Regions
1. Germany
2. Vietnam
3. South Korea

II. Size and Structure of China’s Shoes Market in 2004

(I) Market Size
1. Size & Growth
2. Quarterly Market Profile
(II) Market Structure
1. Product Market Structure
2. Regional Market Structure

III. Supply and Demand in China’s Shoes Market in 2004

(I) Demand Analysis
1. Size
2. Brands
3.Product Categories
(II) Supply Analysis
1. Total Size
2. Product Supply
3. Marketing Channels
(III) Analysis of Market Features

IV. Competition Situation in China’s Shoes Market in 2004 & Assessment of Leading Enterprises’ Competitiveness

(I) Competition Situation
1. Situation of Market Competition
2. Means of Competition
3. Concentration Analysis
(II) Assessment of Leading Enterprises’ Competitiveness
1. Qingdao Doublestar Shoes Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
2. AoKang Shoes Co., Ltd.
3. Jiangsu Senda Group Corp.
4. Kangnai Group Co., Ltd.
5. Xtep Sport Shoes

V. Factors Affecting the Development of China’s Shoes Market from 2008 to 2009

(I) Favorable Factors
(II) Unfavorable Factors

VI. Development Trend of China’s Shoes Market from 2008 to 2009

(I) Product Analysis
(II) Development Trend of User Demand
(III) Development Trend of Products

VII. Forecast of China’s Shoes Market from 2008 to 2009

(I) Forecast of Market Size
(II) Forecast of Market Structure

VIII. Recommendations

(I) Development Strategy & Means of Competition
(II) Production Technology and Product Development

Report Specifications
(I) Objective of Report
(II) Research Scope
(III) Survey Region
(IV) Data Source
(V) Research Approaches
(VI) General Definition
(VII) Market Definition
(VIII) Evaluation Index System of Competitiveness
(IX) Forecasting Model
(X) Special Specifications
(XI) Research Object