The girls arrayed themselves in their finest clothes.这些姑娘打扮得花枝招展。

The truth comes out.真相大白。

The two theories vary, but they are compassable. 这两种理论虽然各有千秋,但它们是并行不悖的。

Misery loves company. 同病相怜。

I congratulate myself on my narrow escape.我庆幸自己死里逃生。

All things conspired to make him happy.事事巧合使他心满意足。

She exulted to find that she had succeeded. 她为自己大功告成而狂喜。

He contrived to make a mess of the whole thing.他挖空心思,反而把事情全盘弄糟了。

You can't come round with such yarns.你别想用这套花言巧语来哄骗我。

It has no counterpart in the world.举世无双。

The storm clouds gathered darkly. 乌云密布。

The data is not enough to be convincing. 资料不足,难以令人信服。

He was daunted by the amount of work still to be done. 还有那么多工作要做,弄得他灰心丧气。

He was silent in default by any excuse. 他无可推委,哑口无言。

There is no denying the fact.事实无可否认。

Her eyes became dimmed with tears. 她泪眼朦胧。

Defeat after defeat filled us with despair. 接二连三的失败,使我们深感绝望。

His speech was dreary. 他的演讲枯燥乏味。

The state was in disruption.这个国家处于分崩离析之中。