在去年十一月召开的中央经济工作会议上,决定今年要实行稳健的财政政策和货币政策,这标志着实施已近7年的积极财政政策调整了取向。对于“稳健的财政政策和货币政策”的英译,许多媒体都是用prudent fiscal and monetary policies 来表达的:

1. A high-level meeting of the Community Party of China (CPC) held Wednesday set the tone for China's economic policy next year, declaring that China will exercise prudent fiscal and monetary policies in 2008.


2. The policy shift from 'proactive to prudent' fiscal and monetary policies was made 'to conform with changes in China's macro-economic situation and consolidate the achievements of macro-control,'


3. China's proactive fiscal policy, in place since 1998, has resulted in seven years of world-stunning economic growth. A prudent policy is the logical choice to curb overheating of the economy, maintain steady development and improve the efficiency of the economy.


4. China has begun to shift to a prudent financial policy for economic development after having adopted a proactive fiscal policy for securing sustainable growth during the past seven years.


5. In line with the prudent policy, the Chinese government will cut budget deficit and public investment, reform expenditure structure and push financial reform while carrying out macro-control measures, he said.


但是,prudent(谨慎)有消极保守的意思:Definition of PRUDENT: careful and sensible; marked by sound judgment; "a prudent manager"; "prudent rulers"; "prudent hesitation"; "more prudent to hide than to fight"


1. US prudent policy about climate change:(谨慎且消极的态度)The US Administration has come under criticism within many European countries and within the American community of environmentalists for adopting what is considered to be too relaxed a view toward the question of global climate change, more particularly toward the prospect of a substantial warming of the surface of the earth sometime during the next century.


2. Prudent fiscal policy spells economic recovery (带动经济的复苏)






中性是指有增有减,有保有压,松紧适度,既不过快也不过慢,既不过高也不过低,这是稳健财政政策的重要特征。国家发改委宏观经济研究院副院长王一鸣说:“我理解的稳健是它既不同于过去的积极财政政策那样的扩张,也不同于紧缩型财政政策那样一种收缩,而是从过去积极财政政策的轨道上逐步地退下来,也就是说要逐步减少它的扩张力度。……经济保持一种稳定发展的格局,既不过快也不过慢,既不过高也不过低。…… 稳健的财政政策并不是从扩张转向紧缩,也不意味着对经济支持力度的减弱,它的核心是松紧适度,促进经济健康平稳运行。”


英语中sound policy的含义:If sound policy is to be formulated, the issues will be decided on the basis of three criteria: Is the proposed matter feasible? (Can it be done?) Is it advisable? (Should it be done?) Is it efficient? (What is the cost-benefit ratio?) The policy will be sound if those questions are answered affirmatively, or if a satisfactory compromise based on the criteria is made.


从以上的解释不难看出,英语中的sound policy同汉语中的“稳健政策”是比较吻合的。因为它是以可行性、必要性和效益性这“三性”要求为前提的。