Mobile phones: A Love-Hate Relationship
Mobile phones: A Love-Hate RelationshipNowadays, mobile phones are more and more common. When walking in the street, we can find the trail of mobile phones in all walks of life and all ages. Mobile phone is no longer just a thing for making phone calls. Text messaging, cellphonecams and even wi-fi have become new age icons. Furthermore, mobile phone has become the best method to express people's emotion. Do you remember the MTV 《The Deep Breath》 sang by Yu Quan? The boy told his feeling to the girl just by sending a short message“You are my 100 percent girl!”, at last they came together happily. Mobile phones, in this period which people are less and less good at expressing their emotions, suddenly become important.


However, owning a mobile-phone means owning annoyance. You can chat with your friends fluently; you certainly must pay for something. Every day you have to deal with the sufferings of deleting the waste messages, you also have to bear the explanation to people who dial the wrong number. I have ever answered six telephone-calls from six provinces in an afternoon, they want to connect with a decorating corporation in Fujian. It looks like that the corporation put out the wrong number in the ad. But I have to explain politely to them," Sorry, you dial the wrong number. This is a private phone in Hunan." all the time. Look, this is the nuisance taken by mobile phones.

Anyway, a coin has two sides. Since mobile phones can take you convenient and immediate services, they can unavoidably bring some vexation. If you do well with the relationship of them, it is actually not difficult for you to enjoy the pure delight brought by mobile phones.