Cause and Effects of Iron Deficiencies
Cause and Effects of Iron DeficienciesNow the recent study suddenly struck our defective thought. We formerly believed that the more exercise we did, the more healthy we would become. From what Roseanne M. Lyle, associate professor at Purdue, said, we know that sports medicine experts have observed for years that endurance athletes, particularly females, moderate exercise may lead to reduced iron in the blood of women. That is different from what we thought before.


Frankly, it is difficult to understand. Why moderate exercise can cause iron deficiencies, especially for women? Through the science study, we can find the reasons. First, child-beating-aged women are at greatest risk, since their monthly bleeding is a major source of iron loss. Second, a lot of women who are healthy-conscious reject meat, especially red meat in an effort to control weight and keep their slender figure. Moreover, iron deficiency is in sweat, when you do intense endurance exercise. Then there are also some unknown reasons for iron deficiency because of the limitative study.

Iron is much important element to us. When you lose a little iron, a condition typically has no symptoms. That is called the first stage of iron deficiency. Fatigue and poor performance may begin to appear in the second stage. And in the third stage also the worst stage, u will feel weak, tired, out of breath. Then you are in trouble until that point.

What’s important is that we should take some use measures to prevent iron deficiency. There are many effective methods for you to choose. First, also the easiest way is to eat more food with plentiful iron such as red meat, beans, and leafy green vegetables instead of going on diet. And you had better have these foods with plentiful vitamin c to enhance the amount of iron absorbed. Also you may cook in iron pots or pans like what expert recommends.

Furthermore, what shall we do if you have troubled with iron deficiency? Do not worry about it. First, you have to stop to drinking coffee or tea with meals since substances in these drinks can interfere with iron being absorbed into our body. Then modifying your diet is another useful method. After valuable suggestion, you will get well. If you are still anxious about your health, you’d better have a blood test to check blood iron reserves. Then go to visit a physician to see if something in your body goes wrong.

In a word, take precautions against a calamity!