The Popularity of Korean Serials
The Popularity of Korean SerialsRecent time people have been witnessing the popularity of Korean serials in China. Many Korean serials have been showed on CCTV-8 even CCTV-1, let alone other local channels. And it is hard to get through a day without some talk about Korean serials. They enjoy high watching rate and have profound influences on people.


My grandmother used to be strongly against watching TV, and insisted that TV did little good to people, especially the youth who indulged themselves in watching TV. But from unknown time, Grandmother became interested in watching TV, and now and then, she would talk about the actors and plot with me. Gradually, she would be seated in front of the TV waiting for her favorite Korean serials, whenever she has got time. This summer I also felt deeply about the popularity of Korean serials, thereafter, I asked why. Basically, they are the visual effects, the plot, and the music that contribute to the phenomenon.

First of all, Korean serials are eye-catching. They usually have handsome actors and beautiful actresses. Zhang Dong Jian’s gentlemanship and An Zai Xu’s fascinating eyesight catch thousands of young female’s hearts, while young male greatly appreciate Song Hui Qiao’s elegance and Xin Xi Shan’s beauty. Regardless of their skills and other factors like the plot, the actors function effectively in keeping a watching record.

In addition, they get marvelous pictures, from which we enjoy changeable seasons and places of interest in Korea. Blue sky and white cloud signify good state of mind of the characters, and drizzling weather and red umbrella intensify romantic impression. So watching them is just like enjoying free trips.

Then comes to the plot of Korean serials, which can attract people of various ages. Most Korean serials have supporting characters who behave like either Cinderella’s sisters or BaoYu’s father, so the main characters, as a result, would have to suffer and experience a lot before their final weddings. Some people argue that the story between the main characters maybe too romantic to believe, however, these people seem to neglect to take into account that their love is what most young people are actually longing for. So, serials of this kind are young people’s favorite.

Quite a number of our serials fail to consider many factors other than love, and the case in point is Qiong Yao’s work, in which love seems to be the only thing in life. However, Korean serials conversely take friendship and family relationship as well into the plot, and these are the very things that attract people in both middle and old ages, as they make the serials humorous, reliable, and close to ordinary audience. The popularity of “Kan Le You Kan” and “Luan Sheng Xiong Mei” proves the case very well.

Still, another point is about music. Though young people today are crazy about Jazz or Rap music as they express ideas of the youth, Korean music may be not inferior to them. In this Hip-Hop world, smooth and lyric Korean music is like spring breathes, it calms young people down and warms people’s hearts. Even if people know little about the words, just to enjoy the music is no bad a thing.

Like imported Hollywood films, Korean serials unavoidably confront with criticisms, but the popularity of Korean serials prove them to be so trivial. Whether the phenomenon will last or not, Korean serials are now there having eye-catching characters and pictures, exclusive and excellent plot and Korean specific music. So, enjoy them whenever have time.