Interspaces of the life
Interspaces of the lifeMost of the time you are supposed to leave a little bit interspaces for your own life, which just like the safety distance between the two vehicles——a little bit room for mitigation. In that case, you are able to adjust yourself at any time; there is a distance between advance and retreat.


Interspaces of the life need to be get organized and eased over for putting apart, while interspaces of the soul should be pondered over realizing for exploiting. If your were playing bridge, you would do your best to play it thoroughly whether this pack of cards you held in your hands is pretty good or not; The life you are living is also the same, the most important thing is not the things what you happened but the methods and attitudes what we deal with. If you would like to turn around the sunshine, you would not be trapped possibly in the shadow.

When you send others beautiful flowers, the first one who smells potpourri is your own; when you wanna scratch clays throwing into someone else, the first one who makes one's hand dirty is also your own. A warm word seems to perfume someone else's body, your own can also get a few drops of perfume. Therefore, you should be a kind-hearted in your mind toward others all the time; the way you are walking should be righteous; the things we do should be good deeds.

Rosiness makes you see a lot of things and not see a lot of things as well. If there were no dark nights, you would not see the twinkling stars. Accordingly, although you have ever experienced sufferings that you couldn't endure, you would feel that those are not valueless completely. The sufferings you experienced could make your will get stronger and stronger, even the thoughts and personalities you have are mature more and more. Consequently, when difficulties and frustrations are coming to you, you should face them calmly and deal with them optimistically at the same time.

Don't occur friction with others for the sake of debating right and wrong. As the matter of fact, sometimes you speak some words to someone unconsciously, yet you have hurted him or her a lot at the bottom of one's heart. At the same time, you should train yourself lest you would be hurted by someone’s words easily.
You are not be able to decide to the length of life, but

You are capable of deciding to the width of life; you can not change your own outward appearance, but you can show your smiles between whiles; you are not supposed to look forward to control others, but you should do your utmost to do anything well.

You must be open-minded a little more in the life for the simple reason that you just become that type of person who is very open-minded, then you would not get into a dead end; even you would be more optimistic and more enterprising. On the other hand, you should also be more open-minded for the simple reason that you might bring great happiness to others, even make the atmosphere of the life we are living get more and more delighted.

If you wanted to keep enjoyment in your mind all the time, you should not care more about those troublesome trifles between human-beings. Some people are always agonizing for the simple reason that other people say some words unconsciously to you but you will accept that and put them into your heart intentionally.

A person's happiness is not lots of things what he own but few things what he care for. Sometime you should learn giving something up, which might be another kind of possession.

To sum up, you should be light-hearted toward the colorful life at any time. Whatever diversifications you encountered being outside world, you should always have a peaceful space in your mind. If you could keep a mood that is very clear and bright, you would find out that any circumstance that around you are very nice and virtuous.