Shaping your life and the future
Shaping your life and the futureA decade or two makes tremendous difference in one’s life. How different was the life at the eighties from the life at the nineties,or the life today at the turn of 21st century? How many years can one work after graduation for one’s country? In most cases, we are supposed to work for over 30 years after graduation for our country until retirement-------just three decades of working time and accomplishment. So there is no time to lose for anyone to make good plans and set up good goals for this short span of life accomplishment. Ten years ago, my daughter was a freshman majoring in the English language while I was a teacher of English in one university. Today, my daughter has finished her master course of Management of Information System and worked as a programmer in an American city. I have been retired for five years. In the twenty year’s time ,what great changes also have taken place in China and in my hometown Shanghai !

I always admire those Chinese young men and women who grew up, studied in college or worked already in the eighties and nineties,up to now, for they are much blessed by China’s policy of opening to the outside world. More than their parents’ generation, they can exercise control over how they use their time and energy; they are faced with more opportunities to hew out a bright future for themselves. The younger generations have lots of choices to make in deciding what kind of job they feel like doing; they are allowed to flit from one post to another or change their major or school as they wish. They even can further their education abroad. As was the system in my generation, we were dentined to do the same job, teacher or worker, right after graduation, the rest of our life until retirement. We were unable to choose the institution or factory where we worked. Once we were assigned to work in a certain work unit, it was likely we would stay there forever. We had no other way out to pursue personal welfare. How lucky and fortunate the young generations are ! They should treasure the golden age and make best use of their time and energy not only to fulfil their personal needs but also make contributions to their communities and country.


Do not let golden opportunities slip through your fingers. Life is short and precious,and human existence is fragile. The swiftness with which time flies reminds us that none of us has an infinite amount of time to achieve what one desires in life. When we see the people we love and admire pass away one by one-----family members, friends, colleagues and neighbors, we sadly realize how fragile human lives are. So do what you long for if conditions are ripe,because you have only one life to use.

Now you are entitled to shape your life and the future. You’d better seize every minute, making great efforts for the realization of your goals that you’ve set for yourslves within one decade or two decades’s time. What have you decided to do from now on ? Are you clear of your priorities? What haven’t you committed yourself to that is essential to shaping your future?

To accomplish something decisive in your life demands our full participation and our willingness to assume full responsibility for ourselves, physically, emotionally, intellectually and economically. Besides, it requires diligence----constant,earnest, painstaking practice. No pains , no gains. Victory only belongs to those who have vision, intelligence, perseverance and willpower. I believe that most of you who have tried will succeed in reaching your goals.