A Well-to-do Life for All
A Well-to-do Life for AllHuman history is in itself a history of continuous economic development from low level to high level. Economic development is the drving force or momentum to push human society towards civilization. Along with economic development, the living standard of people is raised step by step, from generation to generation. Science and technology play an important role in accelerating the advancing steps of economic development and people‘s living standard. However, history never advances smoothly; for every step of progress in human history high price has to be paid, as the struggles between different factions or social strata never cease, each striving to protect their own interests, disregarding others‘ concern and benefit. Admist the turbulent currents of economic changes, some strata of people have advantages over others and benefit from social economic reforms while some other people suffer big losses, in a disadvantageous position to protect their interests. For instance, some enterprising people become get-rich-quicks or upstarts in business and trade while large numbers of people are laid-off.


Despite the different luck or fate people in different social strata may have, the sole aim and purpose of every nation or individual is the same: prosperity and wealth. The common goal for life is to live a better existence, both materially and spiritually. Material sufficiency,such as food, clothing and shelters of houses, is the basis or foundation of better spiritual aspiration. Only when people have obtained the daily necessaries of food, clothing and houses can they pursue something better spiritually and speak of making more contributions to the civilization of humanity. People‘s pursuit for material and spiritual welfare never ends as long as there is human society in existence.

So from the above we can conclude that poverty is enemy to human life all over the world. Poverty is also a manece to human civilization. Poverty manifests not only in material defficiency but also in ideas, education, understanding among human beings and in moral sense. It is acknowledged that poverty does exist widely in the present world, especially in backward, developing countries. Large numbers of laid-off workers are unable to support their families. Children in backward and remote districts have no opportunities to go to school or college. Ailing elderly people cannot get timely medical treatment in some villages. Some families cannot afford the money to buy new apartments when they are foreced to move to new living quarters……..The gap between the rich and the poor is becoming wider.

What should the get-rich-quicks do to their fellow human beings? Some of them show no compassion for the needy; some even look down upon the poor with snobbish eyes. They are not conscious that it is their social obligation and moral duty to make the present world a better place for their compatriots to live by offering timely help to them. The wide gap between the rich and the poor is a threat to the stability of society, therefore it must be narrowed. Any well-educated person with common sense can grasp the truth that a society where people show friendship, love and kindness to one another is a good progressive society. Conversely, a world filled with hostility, hatred and cruelty due to wide gap between the rich and the poor is a backward and unsafe world. Dangers lie in ambush and are bound to erupt like a volcano. People all desire for a good society where the majority of population can lead a well-to-do life and live in harmoney with friendship, love and kindness. The needy are well attended to.